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Sentinel Newspaper Article Oct. 2009

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Started in Jan 2009

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General Game Information

If there are only the minimum, four players, we have the choice to either switch partners after each game or not. When there are more than four players, multiple games will be set up.

When there is an odd amount of players, we will alternate the players by cutting the cards for partners, with the losing team relinquishing their seats and two new partners will play.

We would like to have as many players as possible; this way a games may be available at pool side or in the card room outside of the normally scheduled games.

This game is Partnership Pinochle with the following general rules:
Dealer must take the bid at 190 if everyone passes.
The first bidder to the right of the dealer either passes, opens (200) or gives a meld.

Meld Bids are:
50 pt. jump over the last bid for a run (A 10 K Q J).
30 pt. jump over the last bid for a 4 Aces (AC AH AS AD).
20 pt. jump over the last bid for 100 pts. in meld.

Special Bid - an opening bid of 340 Bid indicates you hold a Run and Ace's

No extra points for double runs, Aces, Marriages or Pinochles

Game is 1000 points. First one to reach 1000 wins. If bothe reach 1000 then the bidder wins. A star is awarded for a Run or Aces. Stars are awarded for 250 (1 star), 300 (2 Stars), 350 (4 Stars), etc. Doubling for each 50 level
In the event of a team not making the bid (bate, set), they lose their meld and are negative for that bid amount. The other team gets double the stars of the bid plus 1 extra for the set. If a team is negative when the other tream goes out the winning team gets double the money for the game and double the stars; while the team loses all their accumulated stars.

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