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Pinochle Process Flow Chart

This flowchart should be used as an aid to decide what to do after a hand is dealt. It is not intended to be used rigidly during play; however, it is intended to familiarize you with the concepts of opening for your patner, opening for your opposition, and pushing bids.

The complexity of pinochle makes flowcharting difficult but we will attempt to generalize this process. We will add to, and modify over time in order to attempt creating a good working model.

***** Evaluating What To Bid *****

After you are dealt cards always put them in your hand in order. If you don't, you will reneg and very often play the wrong card. As you play longer you will recognize paterns in your hand and this will help you remember what was played. If you do not put your cards in order, you have no chance in becoming an adequate player.

Follow the flow chart.

Push Bids

These are given when you have support but not enough to actually give a bid. When your partner goes to a closeout bid, 250, 300, 350, or any 50 level; you would push them to the next level.

Note that is a bid jump of 50 (Run), 30 (Aces) or 100 Meld lands on the 250 level or 300 level, it will always be taken to mean the bid and not a close out level. An example would be if the bid comes to you and is 230 and you have 100 meld you would bid 250. But, let's say it comes to you at 230 and you want to close the bidding. You must bid 270 which is a 40 jump and means nothing. If you do not want to go that high you would bid 240.

You may miss a star this way but you will not miss a big hand.

By bidding accurately, a push bid is always viable. Using the evaluation described here, you will usually make more than the number evaluated on lower bid hands. As the numbers increase the system becomes more accurate. This allows pushes to the next level if you have 50 points or more. It is not good to push with 30 and two aces because the aces might not be good. By bidding in this manner, no confusion is introduced. There are no maybe's or guesses.

So, the point here is if accurate communication is followed you will make the most stars possible while reducing the amount of times you go set.

Download the Stategy document in the link above for more detailed insight.